Infiniti M30 RHD 1/24 scale model

Over the years, people made great models. I’ve seen long nose, stanced and silhouette versions. Actually, I am in the process of making an M30 convertible one.

I was hoping make an M30 model, but then luxury2002jp made one!

So he/she decided to make a burgundy berry coupe. While it is RHD, its the other details that absolutely makes it amazing.


Besides the chrome rims, Look at the trunk and emblems!


Gold Vert

Just last year Roger and I were discussing how awesome it would be to own a pebble beige M30 convertible. It would have to be painted, of course, since the M30 convertible did not come in Pebble Beige.
As I was doing my daily scouring on the internet, I stumbled upon this ebay listing… the color instantly caught my attention! While not the exact CG2 Pebble Beige Metallic, the gold isn’t something you see everyday! It was painted at a shop, but it offers a glimpse of what a Beige could look like!
Check it out on ebay if its still on there, he has more than 2000 pictures of the car! Mileage, only 41K!



Nismo Nissan leopard brochure

Talk about rare. I’ve covered as much info and background on the Nismo Leopard :

Today, I check YAJ and I can’t believe my eyes!

I was thinking of bidding on it, but I remember when I was in Japan and talking to some of the leopard owners, many of them wanted this brochure when I was asking information on it.

You see, many leopard owners and leopard parts/information collectors too. As of this time with 1 day left, there have been 23 bids.




Peugeot on Champ-Elysees

This was a pretty cool store. It had the right displays (rally cars), merchandise, such as scale cars and something I didn’t expect, some history (and I am always game for history).

That history part was the changing of the design over time.


Renault on Champ-Elysees

It’s Renault. Out front I saw the life size Lego car. Upon closer inspection, it had Infiniti on it!!!

This is also a Restaurant upstairs. The street level floor is displays and merchandise.

When I went, the merchandise section wasn’t open.

Random cars around Paris

I was hoping to see tuned cars, but that was not the case. Someone mentioned to me that many cars are not modified due to laws.

I didn’t see much. The most modified cars I saw was a Corvette revving (I got a partial front shot of it as it rolled by), stock R35 Nissan Skyline and a Toyota FRS 86 with Kuwait plates. Our last night, there were a tons of cars cruising Champ-Elysees revving.. a couple of R35 Skylines, Mustangs and Corvettes and Chargers from what I could barely see.

Nonetheless, I did see tons of cars I would not normally see and it actually sparked my curiosity in these cars.