240sx turn signal swap

240sx Turn Signal Swap (Thanks to J)

I also have those half amber half clear chuki lights on my vert but the s13 wiring is a little different from the m but a really simple fix. If you notice the s13 turn signals come on when u turn on your headlights whereas the m30 doesn’t. the m30’s turn signal has only a +/- wire and the s13 has +/- and a relay wire. it took me about a half hour to do but it would have been done quicker if i could stop staring at the car all the time.

If you want to do it properly all you need is a light tester, wire cutters, electric tape, about a foot of 16-22 gauge speaker wire, and 8 butt connectors. you also need the clip off an s13 that plugs in to the turn signal with the 3 wires coming out of it. try and cut it as long as possible to make an easier time for yourself when u have to wire it to the m.

  1. Unscrew your signals, and cut the clip as close to the blinker as possible.notice that there is only 2 wires. one wire is green w/yellow stripe (+blinker relay) and the other is black w/silver dots(- ground).
  2. Your s13 harness should have the same green and black wires with an extra red wire. splice open all 3 wires and color match the green w/green and black w/black. u can either solder the wires or just use butt connectors as i did.
  3. Now for that red wire. take out the clip for your side marker (the one that looks like its apart of the headlight) there should be a black wire and a green wire w/white stripe. splice the green wire and connect it to the red wire from the s13 harness.(this is the one you’ll need about 6in of speaker wire.
  4.  Turn on your headlights and hazards to make sure all lights are working properly.

If any of the wires i described are different colors on your car then just use a light tester to figure out which wires get power when u turn on your blinkers or your headlights.