F31 members

When it came to building F31club, it isn’t always about having 1000s of members. It is about the members that bring content and contributed. It is the members that made this forum great quality rather than quantity. This page is dedicated to the Foundational members that made F31club. This is my recognition and paying HOMAGE to them. The forums were not busy like other forums. But what made the community dynamic and one of the best were the people. It wasn’t always about having the fully done car, swapped out, or show quality rides… what made F31club dynamic was the conversations, the insight, the camaraderie and the genuine interest in understanding and learning the F31.

In no particular order:

JCrapps - founder of F31clubScourgeZed32
F31_Pilot - tech forum moderatorNyeark - moderatorJ - forum moderator
Brewster240 - Tech forum moderatorOnevia - the write up kingStrikevalk
Kurumakun f31sLiDeWaYsLonewolf317
C4nitriousboiMr. 25/8 - Tangerine M30Zydeco
SlappinM30mmmjesse - VG30ETChrisphillips
Drift Day - SR20DET M30Koji - Project Car magazine M30XslidewaysX
Howlermonkey - L28ETChadmk4 - 1st to do RB20DETZoltecRules
squid636mmokm30The Muffin Man
ttm30 - VG30DETTF31 FailJasterM5
Zombiesliderwuzz uppMachZ
Honorable mention - Rex - founder of Nicoclub.comHonorable mention - fergyr31James LS V8 M30
Japan owners
Sima Sima - L Evolution/ Locc-OnS-T-S
Kazuho Tanaka - Le Ciel BleuKyouhyou - Non SectHideya - MLUX
S. IshiiY. SuenagaQaz A.
Itabashi - Ultima M30
Yan - Infiniti M30 in PolandTonyUK - Nissan Leopard in the UKRoad Runner - Nissan leopard in the UK
Thorsten - Nissan leopard in GermanyMrDatsunturbo - M30 in Norway
JC - New ZealandYotis - Australiaare31 - Australia
Jason - AustraliaYakuza - Tasmania
Serge and Alexander