F31club Online manual and resources

F31club online manual and magazines


The F31club Online manual is a collection of the Factory service manuals
(both Infiniti M30 and Nissan Leopard) combined into one.
The Purpose of the Online manual is to be THE reference of ANYTHING for the F31.


Below you will find:

  • M30 Basic Wiring Guide
  • M30 Owner’s Manual
  • M30 Convertible Supplemental Manual
  • M30 Service manual
  • M30/Infiniti Section of Chiltons
  • Nissan leopard Service manual(1986-1987)
  • Nissan leopard Service manual(1988-1990)
  • Infiniti Warranty Information
  • Vintage Series: F31 Leopard Style
  • Leopard steering wheel diagram
  • M30 Wiring diagram
  • Misc Information for M30s/Leopards


  • Road and Track – Coming to America
  • Road and Track – Direction translation
  • Road and Track – Supporting Cast
  • Road and Track -Quest for Quality
  • Road and Track – Driving Impressions
  • M30: the Enthusiasts coupe
  • Drift and RWD sport: Drift Day
  • Project Car Magazine: Project M30
  • Project Car Magazine: Project M30 pt. 2
  • Option/Drift Tengoku : Leopard Sliding/L-Evolution
  • Option: Minority Report


M30 Owner’s Manual
Table of Contents
Instruments and controls
Pre driving checks and Adjustments
Heater/Air conditioning/Audio
Starting and Driving
In case of an Emergency
Appearance and Care
Do It Yourself
Technical Information

M30 Service Manual (1990)
General Information
Engine Mechanical
Engine Lubrication & Cooling
Engine Fuel and Emission Control System
Engine Control, Fuel and Exhaust System
Automatic Transmission
Propeller Shaft & Differential Carrier
Front Axle and Front Suspension
Rear Axle and Rear Suspension
Brake System
Steering System
Heater & Air Conditioner
Electrical System

1991-92 specific changes

Electrical system


M30 convertible Supplemental Manual
c-2 general
c-2 normal top up, top down operations
c-5 convertible top stack timing sequence
c-6 safety information on convertible top operation
c-7 top and rear window appearance care
cont’d 1
cont’d 2
Convertible Repair Information
(section – name of chapter)
1-Windshield Header Trim
2-Power Pull down actuators
3-Windshield outer moldings
4-quarter belt, back belt, and decklid moldings
5-rear seat
6-quater glass trim panel
7-seat belts
8-quarter glass, guide and regulator
9-side guard molding
10-door, guide pin and glass
11-weatherstrips and retainers
13-top cover assembly
14-backlight assembly
15-stay pads, side and rear
16- no. 1 bow
17- no. 2 bow
18- no. 3 bow
19- no. 4 bow
20-deck lid, spoiler and high mount stop light
21-deck lid, hinges
22-hydraulic system, pump/motor and cylinders
23-electrical, controls
24-electrical, troubleshooting
25-electrical wiring diagrams
26-body, structural

Chiltons (Infiniti/M30 section)
Info and Specs
Engine Mechanical
Engine Lubrication
Engine Cooling
Engine Electrical
Fuel System
Drive Axle
Automatic Transmission
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Chassis Electrical

1986 Nissan Leopard Maint Manual (Zenki)


1988 Nissan Leopard Maint Manual (Kouki)


Infiniti Warranty Information
Infiniti Warranty Information

M30 Dealership sticker
Leopard Papers that came with the Manuals
Infiniti Check Engine Codes
NHTSA Safety Recall
InfinitiHelp.com Technical Service Bulletin
Towing Infinitis
Nissan Radio harness


Infiniti M30 Modifications and Maintenanace
Here you will find information on modifying and maintaining your M.

JDM Trunk Emblem Swap
Z32 Brake Swap
S13 Signal Swap
JDM Headlamps
Steering Wheel Upgrade
Hooking up the Horn button
Cruise Control Circuit (for relocation)
S13 Suspension Swap
Rewiring your Radio Dash buttons
Turning Signal/Running light swap
LED Dome Lights
Cone Filter Install
DIY Home Depot Front Lip
5 Lug Swap

Oil Change
Alternator change
Cap and Rotor change
Voltage Regulator replacement (non working water/fuel gauges)
Spark Plugs
Cooling System
Clearing Plastic Lens “fogginess”
Convertible Top Motor maint.
Power Window Amp repair

Proper Car Wash and Interior Detailing
Proper Car Wash and Preparation for buffing and waxing


Road and Track’s Guide to the New : M30 
Road and Track’s cover

Coming to America
Coming to America Page 1
Coming to America Page 2
Coming to America Page 3
Coming to America Page 4
Coming to America Page 5
Coming to America Page 6
Coming to America Page 7
Coming to America Page 8

It offers more fun – Brochure

Direct Translation
Direct translation page 1
Direct translation page 2
Direct translation page 3
Direct translation page 4
Direct translation page 5
Direct translation page 6

M30, The supporting Cast
Supporting Cast page 1
Supporting Cast page 2

Quest for Quality
Quest for Quality Page 1
Quest for Quality Page 2
Quest for Quality Page 3
Quest for Quality Page 4
Quest for Quality Page 5

Driving Impressions
Driving Impressions page 1
Driving Impressions page 2
Driving Impressions page 3
Driving Impressions page 4
Driving Impressions page 5
Driving Impressions page 6
Driving Impressions page 7
Driving Impressions page 8
Driving Impressions page 9
Driving Impressions Article

M30: The Enthusiast’s Coupe
Enthusiasts’ coupe.

Drift and RWD sport Magazine (credit to strikevalk)
Drift and RWD sport magazine cover
Naoki’s M30 feature 1
Naoki’s M30 feature 2
Naoki’s M30 feature 3
Naoki’s M30 feature 4

Project Car: Project M30

Champ Road (credit to Roger)
Champ Road Leopard

Option/Drift Tengoku (credit to strikevalk)
Front page
Black SR20Det Leopard 1
Black SR20Det Leopard 2

Red Leopard 1
Red Leopard 2

Vert manual – Zydeco
Service manual scans – JC
Dealership price sticker – Gregt
Chiltons – Nyeark