Full Proper Car Wash/Preparation for wax and buffing(by F31pilot)

NOTE:The desciptions that I have provided are to the best of my cleaning and detailing experience. But due to some people not being able to follow directions properly, you are cleaning and detailing at your own personal trial, error and risk.

If this description does not make any sense to you, there are directions on the back of the bottles of Meguiars car care products. If you are still unsure, log onto the Meguiars website for more cleaning and detailing information.

I am not sponsered by Meguiars, Mothers, and Porter Cable. I do not advertise their products for them either. Nor do I have any type of affiliation with them. <—I just like to use the mentioned name brand products because I am very picky and demand the best. And their products give me the results I demand.

How to properly wash and dry your car for waxing and buffing ect.

1. Make sure your car is in the shade, has cool down, and or after the sun has finished setting. (this is the way I wash my car. Because I hate dry water spots and the way it fades your paint job when you wash your car in the hot heat and or when the sun is still up. And this is my personal secret to keeping my paint looking glossy for many more years to come)
2. Find a clean bucket
3. Pour in 1 ounce of Meguiars Gold Class Car Shampoo and Conditioner (1 gallon of water for every 1 ounce of washing detergent of your choice you plan on using)
4. Fill it up with luke warm water from your bath tub (remember luke warm water, not cold and or not hot)
5. Spray/soak the whole car down with water and rinse off as much dirt as you can (from the water hose)
6. Use a microfiber towel (a wash mitt from any auto parts store or a soft type of cloth of your preferred choice will be fine)
7. Dip the microfiber cloth/towel (wash mitt, or preferred choice of cloth/towel) into your detergent bucket and scrub away throuout the whole entire exterior of your car (starting from top of car, then work your way down towards the bottom)
8. Rinse off all the bubbles and or detergent suds from the exterior (starting from the top of the car, and work your way down)

After dunking the the microfiber cloth/towel, wash mitt(or your preferred wash cloth) in the nasty bucket several times, you might want to refresh the washing detergent because you have contaminated the washing dertergent and water with dirt and dust ect.

9. Refresh water, detergent, microfiber cloth/towel, and wash mitt (or preferred wash cloth)
a.) It will help get rid of any dirt that has accumulated in the bottom of the bucket.
b.) If you are not careful, dirt could end up on your microfiber cloth/towel and wash mitt (or preferred wash cloth) and may scratch the finish of your paint.
10. Rescrub the whole entire exterior of the car with a microfiber cloth/towel, wash mitt and or your preferred wash cloth. (working from top to bottom)
11. Rinse off the bubbles and or detergent suds. (with water hose, starting from the top, and work your way down)
12. Use a microfiber cloth, chamois and or (your preferred drying cloth) and dry off the entire car)
13. You are finish doing a proper full wash. This proper wash is the preparation for a proper buff and wax.
14. Drive your car around the block at low speeds to remove any water in hidden places (<—-Yotis’s drying tip…very good and useful)(Might also attract dirt as well)
15. Park your car in the garage and let it fully dry for the proper waxing and buffing.
a.) Prepairing your car for a proper wash, wax and buffing should be done in the dry weather seasons. (Spring and Summer are the best time)
b.) If you do not have access to a garage, a car cover would be fine.


Waxing your exterior paint

Note: Now that your car has been parked overnight in the garage and or under the car cover. It is fully dry and a good time to finally apply the wax.

1. Apply the Meguiars or Mothers Carnauba wax with a wax pad applicator throughout the whole entire exterior of your car in a circular motion.
a.) Or you can apply your preferred brand of wax and can use a 100% terry cloth towel or your preferred wax pad applicator and apply the wax.
2. Apply the wax, starting from the top of the car and work your way towards the bottom. (or any way you prefer…this is with your car still parked in the garage…or parked outside, if you decide to use the car cover)
a.) Once you given it a good massage from applying the wax, wait a while to buff it. It will take approximately half an hour to an hour for the wax to dry. (your car should still be parked in the garage…if you don’t have access to a garage, put the car cover back on your car while the wax is drying…this will help any dust and or dirt ect. get on the exterior of your car and ruin the wax and buff)
3. Pull out the Porter Cable buffer/polisher and make sure you use the correct buffing material pad. (or you can use a namebrand buffer/polisher of your preferred choice, just make sure you use the correct buffing material pad)
a.) Most good quality buffing/polishing machine have a speed dial ranging from speeds 1 through 6.
b.) Speed 1 meaning that the buffer/polisher machine will spin at a slower speed. The higher the number that you decide to use on the speed dial, the faster the buffer/polisher machine will spin. But don’t turn the speed dial too high because you can also BURN YOUR PAINT. And this is not good. (I personally never go beyond 3 on my speed dial)
4. For the buffing process, you can buff and start from any part of the exterior of the car you want. Just make sure you finish buffing off all the dry wax from your exterior.
5. You are now finish waxing and buffing your car’s paint exterior

If you are still not satisfied for some reason, you can take it further a few more steps.

1. Meguiars Show Car Glaze – Create the glossiest finish with a show stopping sheen.
2. Meguairs Quick Detailer – Mists on and wipes off to make your car look freshly detailed.
3. Meguairs Gold Class Clear Coat Wax – Tough polymer protection with deepened color and stunnigly reflective UV resistant finish.