Off Set guide

Prefered sizing for your m30.

i will NOT list these sized wheels w/ offsets in crappy POOR BOY nasty sunken in ness sizes so if your looking for general sizing please take in consideration MY sizing and subtract offset to your liking.

Front w/ s13 components and rolled fenders

7″ width w/ a +0mm offset

8″ width w/ a +10mm offset

9″ width w/a +20mm offset

we wont go into anything wider than 9″ wheel diameter. this will be considered MAX on your m in front.

Rear fitments.

7″ width w/ a -15/20mm offset

8″ width w/ a -5/10mm offset

9″ width w/ a +0/5mm offset

10″ width w/ a +10/15mm offset

tire size is also important when picking certain sized wheels. generally we like to think a 9″ width rim in front w/ a 225/40/ on a 17 inch rim. 215/45/17 might be needed for better clearance .

i am currently running a 225/45/17 on front and this is NOT ideal, a 40 series side wall is much more desirable. for the rear is a 235/45/17. this is perfect fitment, stretches the tire and has substantionally high clearance.

my rim specifications
17×9+15mm w/ 225/40/17
17×10+12mm w/ 235/45/17


17×9+15mm w/ 235/40/17
17×10+15mm w/ 245/45/17

my soon to be IDEAL sizes

18×9+20mm w/ a 225/40/18
18×10+9mm w/ a 245/40/18

hope this was of some help to you.

if possible members, post pics and specs of your wheels below . kind of like a wheel and rim spec sheet for the forums. i will post below w/ pics to start this off. all other w/ aftermarket wheels PLEASE post pics and specs for others to see to get an idea. this could also be refferenced.