Reference – Door handle removal



I’ve seen a few posts of handles breaking a couple years back. So I took of a set in 2017. I’ve been wanting to make a write up, but forgot where I placed the pictures!

Well here it is. I needed to make this write up as well because my convertible will have to have the door handles/key cylinders switched when the doors get swapped out.

After taking off the door card or panel, go to where the handle is located.

1. Undo the rods that are in the way.


The access is that black oval cover (cut through it) and of course the bigger opening where you can see the handle.


2. There are two 10mm nuts on each side. The huge opening makes the first one easy.


The 2nd nut, you have to break the black tape cover to see it.


Once you remove the nuts, then detach the rods seen here:


While the handle is loose, it will not be easy to maneuver out the door. There is a bottom piece that makes it difficult to get out. You’ll have to take it off.



These 2 screws need to come off. (One is hidden)





The screw will be visible and you will have to use the access hole that was covered with black tape.


The top screw holds a metal tab. It is magnetized to attach to the white piece with the hidden screw. Both screws are small and easy to lose. Once taken unscrewed, those 2 pieces will come out easily.



After that, door handle will come out easily (I cut the wiring).


UPDATE: Prior I removed a C clip of the other plastic piece… which is unnecessary.