Steering Wheel Replacement

Steering Wheel Replacement (Thanks to ONEVIA)

Removal of air bags at your own risk! This will render your SRS system inoperable and will trigger the Air Bag warning lamp. Possible risk of air bag deployment while working around SRS system. Refer to M30 service manual on proper SRS system service.

Tools and parts:
Philips screwdriver
19mm socket
T50H security Torx bit or bolt removal tool
allen wrench/ hex driver
steering wheel puller (optional)
S13 hub
steering wheel
quick release hub


Set steering wheel in the neutral position.

Disconnect the battery ground cable and wait at least 10 minutes before working around the SRS system.
Start by removing the plastic cover from the bottom of the steering wheel.
Disconnect the air bag module connector seen within.

Remove the plastic cover on the left of the steering wheel to expose the security bolt.

Remove the plastic cover for the cruise control, if so equipped, on the right side of the steering wheel.

Remove the 2 screws holding the cruise control switch to the wheel and remove switch.

To remove switch, pull switch away and to the right.
This will expose the right side security bolt.

To remove the security bolts you can use:
1. T50H tamperproof Torx bit

2. Bolt removal tool (used to remove stripped bolts)

I used option 2 in my case because I already had these.
T50H security bits are not as easily available, but are available at specialty tool stores or online.
These have a shallow hole drilled in the center of the bit.
Note: Using a bolt removal tool will damage the head of the bolt.
The M30 service manual recommends replacing with new bolts when removing them, but we will not be needing replacements in this case.

With both security bolts out, carefully remove air bag module and set aside.

Follow precautions listed in service manual on handling air bags.
Release plastic clip holding steering wire harness.

Disconnect horn ground lead (green wire)
Slide black connector (was attached to cruise control switch) off of metal mounting tab.

Remove steering wheel center nut using 19mm socket.

Remove steering wheel. (Didn’t have to use steering wheel puller)
The spiral cable unit is now in view.

Remove ignition key cylinder trim ring.
Remove 4 screws holding top and bottom steering column covers together and remove top cover.
Remove 2 screws holding bottom steering column cover to steering column.
You may need to use the steering column height adjustment to make things easier.
Underneath you will see a black connector and a yellow connector with grey boot.
Disconnect both of these.
Remove 4 screws attaching spiral cable to steering column and remove spiral cable.
Ready for new hub and wheel.


Follow directions on installation for your particular hub and steering wheel.
Locate top indication of hub and align with steering column.
Install and tighten center nut.

Attach ground wire to horn button on new steering wheel.
Secure steering wheel to hub.
Install additional hardware relating the your steering wheel.

If installing quick release hub, following directions on installation for your particular quick release hub.
Attach ground wire to quick release hub post.
Secure hub post to hub.

Hub, quick release, and steering wheel.

Reinstall steering column top and bottom covers.
Reinstall key lock cylinder trim ring.
Reconnect battery ground cable.

At this point horn will not work.
Instructions on how to rewire horn to function again will be included later.

Also, turn signal canceling function will not work when using S13 hub. Not yet anyway.

Cruise control is inoperable after removal of cruise control switch. Although there is a way to rewire this also.