Hello Anas.

Here is the next project. It is a VIP Nissan Leopard with Diana kit. Obviously this is just adjustments to pictures.. please do your best!!

Here is the picture I want to use:



Some basics of the idea.

Night setting with neon lights (check below) or night setting at Parking area (picture below)

  1. Lower car, but not slammed (see reference of cars)
  2. Bring change wheels and bring out back wheel more (more flush with body of car – see reference)
  3. Change wheels (reference below)
  4. Change colors – black on top, light grey bottom.
  5. Add additional lights – Intersection lights and fender marker lights (with illumination)
  6. Also put “Diana” License plate (on white demo car)
  7. References below.




Color scheme of black top and LIGHT GREY bottom two tone


Fender light. Maybe you can just draw something, but here is reference of that fender light. (the light will be yellow)


Intersection light. Please add this to the bumper. It is the light on the side.



Lower reference. Not super low stance, but lower very nice


Use these wheels if possible.


Bringing wheel out, I llike how this matches the body of the car.

Diana license plate



2 backgrounds, please choose.

If you can make neon like this first picture, please do.



This last picture, since it is night time, I I wanted some illuminations. I like hyper white (hint of blue) and fog lights fender marker lights to be transparent light yellow.


Here are those lights.. again doesn’t have to be too bright.. just a sense of blue and yellow at night.


Yellow is too bright at fog light, but light on pavement is good.

My headlights with fog lights on.