Mr. 25/8 – Tangerine M30

Mr. 25/8 was one of the resident F31s that was entered into DB drags.

“System components:
Jensen HU (soon to be Alpine touch screen)
Kinetik HC1800 starting batt
Kinetik HC2400 trunk batt in spare tire location
Crunch GP3000D-Pro Amp
Crunch GP4150 Amp
JL Audio 6×9’s and 6’s
All speakers wired w/ knuconceptz 12awg wire (subs with 10awg)
All wire from Knuconceptz ($150 to be exact)
2 Fi Audio 12″ Bl’s Fully loaded (Should be here next week) can take 1500w rms each
Building an enclosure next week (4.6cuft 47x16x16 @ 34hz) gonna take the whole trunk up”

In action:  2 12″ Fi Audio Bl on 3k


Eventually he sold it, it found its way to Oregon, where it passed to a couple owners and ended up in Washington State as a parts car.

🙁 RIP OG M30!!


Update: I recently got a hold of Edward!!! Truly amazing and he has more information and pictures! I can’t wait!!!


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