DrewZee87T – M30 convertible

Drew was one of the members who was well versed in Z31 and VG30e because he had a Z31 monster. He really helped many of us to understand the VG30e and also was one of the bridges between the F31 and Z31 communities.

On a personal level, when we decided to have the southern California meeting, he was one of the members that showed up. He also let me crash at his house.

Just like many, he had moved on and sold his Vert along time ago, but I was able to reconnect with him online and plan to meet up sometime in the future.

I couldn’t his pictures on F31club from before and he had a website which he was documenting his build. That site and pictures are long gone.


Drew and Roni owned a clean white convertible and Drew did some much to help other vert owners with maintenance of the convertible motors and top.

Drew and Roni on the left in this picture

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