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I made an article about the Nissan Leopards in the UK. One was owned by TonyUK. He was more of Toyota person, but he couldn’t pass up the Leopard. He did a side by side comparison with the MZ20 Soarer he had as well.

He mentioned the interest story about his F31. Now the other leopard owner in the UK, Simon, heard the same story about his Leopard. I think what made TonyUK’s more plausible was that he got it directly from the guy that owned it after Octav Botnar left it behind.

Leopards in the United Kingdom

He made a comparison post on Toyota enthusiast website. 1988 JDM Formal coupé 3.0 Turbo ‘Test’: MZ21 Toyota Soarer vs F31 Nissan Leopard


I was recently able to get in touch with Tony. He sold his car and the whereabouts is unknown.

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