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Hey f31 guys, my name is Roger Vargas. I’ve owned my classy old white lady “Blanche” since 2007. She’s a 1990 M30 Coupe. My car isn’t the cleanest but its been kept alive and pretty much powered by Pick your Part. Some, replacement parts and a lot of cool parts of mostly American cars that I’ve modified to work (Interior and exterior). My emblems may not be the correct ones for the year and placed in the wrong spots but I don’t care, I love my white girl and don’t plan changing it much from what it looks like now. It’s my idea of what it should’ve looked like in the 90s cruising down Crenshaw!

I’ve always had an interest in the M30 because of its square everything! Body lines, headlights taillights, everything. But the moment I knew I wanted to buy my first M was when I went to little Tokyo in Downtown L.A. to a bookstore where I would buy my Option and Drift Tengoku magazines and found a magazine dedicated to 80s Japanese cars. And there it was, the Blue/grey M on Longchamps that every one of us knows and loves. About a week later, I bought a clean M30 for $1100, and the rest is history! My intention was to cruise it on the weekends and drive my SR20 AE86 on the daily, but soon after I flipped my Corolla over, My M was the 405 Fwy Warrior. Its been about 10 years that I’ve had it and its gone through very minor changes while still maintaining a simple look. F31 Club was a huge help when I bought my M early on, lots of good information and good people. I’ve always tried to roll up to a lot of the big shows out here in Socal but as of late, like everyone else, life gets in the way, and my Car has been sitting in the backyard, un-driven for close to a year now. It’s a sad sight, and I haven’t had much motivation to get it back on the road and where I live now, parking it out on the street is not an option. Recently, William Porche and Roger Aba hit me up and pretty much waved the smelling salt under my nose and got me wanting to get my M back up and running. So here I am, back on F31 club ready to get 2017 to a rolling start and hopefully we can get some good meets going out here in Cali and see a lot of you other M30 owners in other states posting up pics of M30 meet ups and contributing knowledge, tips and tricks! I have too many pictures to post, so i’ll try to spread them out. IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK!!!

1990 Infiniti M30: Stock engine, Megan Racing Coilovers, Borg Warner T5 5 speed swap, and other personal additions I either bought on Yahoo Japan or modified myself using junkyard parts from different cars, Domestic and Japanese. Here are some pics from when I bought here, up until now.



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