2017 Update on the forums

When I started to rebuild f31club, it was trying to get the forums to be in good decent shape. We lost a ton of pictures… so it is painful to see such great work lost.

But that is the superficial part… well mostly. Some of the pictures were references and started conversations.


Since forums are not as social as before, I have been aiming at making the forums more of a reference and store different types of information on there.

Some of the information I have and will bring out to the front of f31club.

Renny (Onevia) has updated some of his posts and write ups.

Also Mr.25/8 is working on getting some of his old photos.

So are a few other members…

-One of the ideas I’ve started to work on was answer questions to posts or add more content to a thread. That way the topic is stays relevant in a sense that there is information in it rather than just people talking.

Forums I have always felt was a good way to see information. It is also time stamped to see what people have done and what people have discussed.

Social media groups have taken away that social aspect, but it doesn’t have the forum layout and organization.

Many of the newer guys don’t understand, many ideas have been talked about and in fact, the newer guys can even contribute and keep the information fresh and up to date.


So I will still upload information and get f31club’s backbone nice.

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