What can I say about Jason? Seriously, he was an inspiration for many that wanted to drift and modding an M30. In 2005, he was the first to drift an M30.

Jason has put so much R&D into the M30, you have to give props. He’s owned a few M30s. He had also swapped in a few motors. KA, SR, JZ and RB.



If you can look up the pinnacle of M30s and google M30s.. you will find J’s black kitted M30. While this was a while back, anyone that finds these pictures always ask about it and many have it saved as their background on their computer or phones.

What people don’t understand is that J (Jason) is someone that typically executes what he says and does. Jason will find a way to do what is needed to the M30 to get it to his level. While many people talked about it, J DID IT.




Before it got painted black


Jason’s burgundy M30 in the middle



then this infamous video:




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