Part 2. Rebuilding

I reconnected with some of my brothers on the M30 facebook page. Mmokm30, Strikevalk, J, Onevia and thehillbilly off the top of my head. I was mainly an observer and occasionally, I’d be drawn into conversations that were more than the normal “for sale” or “part out” posts.

People did urge me to get F31club back up. People were even hashtagging #f31club and have never been on it. Jacy did give me the account, but I didn’t know how things worked and I didn’t know where to start. That was the hardest thing, trying to figure a starting point. Jacy said he had a crude back up from 2014 and I wanted  to go off that. No pictures and lost current content… but it gave me something. It was rough, but my friend Jonatan got the back up going. I tried to rebuild the forums by uploading pictures and getting on people’s linked photos on photobucket. I even took a wordpress class, which wasn’t intended for F31club.

What upset me was that someone told me:

Forums are irrelevant and hard to use.

The most technologically advantaged generation can’t work a basic forum.. or they are lazy to learn it.

As for forums being irrelevant, maybe for instant responses or gratification, that’s true. When you’re on facebook, you can be on hundreds of car specific groups at once.

I said it before, the forums are documented builds, theories and ideas, write ups on various topics, confirmed information, solved issues, maint. and repairs. It is organized. It is only relevant to those that are willing to do research and read through posts. Yes, READ.

Now I took offense to that. Reason being:

  1. I, along with many others, built F31club out of pure enthusiasm for the Infiniti M30 and Nissan Leopard.
  2. Many of my friends pioneered information in the early 2000s, that is prominent and now common knowledge today.
  3. With that time, effort and dedication, we built something unique for the Infiniti M30.
  4. When you sacrifice for something and are truly passionate about it, you take pride in it.
  5. When something is of value, you protect and defend it.

Since many people didn’t sacrifice the time or effort, or have the dedication to build something, or didn’t really contribute anything new, of course you are not going to have that dedication and devotion. Often times, they are part of the bandwagon or trend. They even act like they discovered the M30 and don’t want to help others. The problem is, you can’t rediscover an M30 in 2017.

So when you have a group of people that are like this, you don’t have Unity and without unity, you don’t have a community. In part 1, I mentioned that the core members of F31club, was a brotherhood. We helped each other out and there was little to no competition between us.

One of the facebook page members said,

Why don’t you sell F31club to NICOclub (who offered to buy it).

The answer is the same 5 aforementioned reasons. But also this:

It is not about the profit when it comes to F31club. It never was. We built this out of enthusiasm and LOVE for the Infiniti M30 and Nissan Leopard.