Widebody F31 Leopard model

I saw this on YAJ and I thought it was dope. This is probably the Euro blister kit as the wing is Koenig.


1/24 プラモデル ニッサン レパード アルティマ F31 後期型 完成品になります。鏡面仕上げです。タイヤホイール回転します。


カラー :パープルよりのダークブルー綺麗です。




1/24 Plastic model Nissan Lepard Ultima F31 Latter term type finished product. It is a mirror finish. Tire wheel rotates.

[Condition of the product]
Usage situation: It was kept in the darkroom. I will exhibit it for money shortage. Full aero (outside front bumper, blister fender, rear spoiler solid spot and rear wing)

Color: Dark blue than purple is beautiful.

Precautions: Uneven paint, there is overhang. Since it is second – hand goods, I need your help by a no claim and a no return.



The artist: cancer_cloth_1109