Interview with Squid636 (Shawn)

When it came to someone that had the unique items, Shawn had it. He had the OEM front lip, he had the Full front cover, and he had the OEM Infiniti M30 cover. So awesome!

Shawn had 2 M30s (referred in this interview as M31)

1. can you tell me what got you into the M30? How did you come about your M30s (in both instances)?
A friend of mine in San Diego had both of them and was planning on taking the parts of one (the white one) to fix the other (the grey one). He was hurt while deployed to Afghanistan and was unable to work on them anymore so he sold them both to me. I had to remove the drivers side rear axle on the white car to repair the grey car. I choose to fix the grey car because it was in better condition that the white one. After swapping the parts over I sold the white one to a guy up in LA that fixed up M31’s.
2. How did you feel about it and was there something that really attracted you to it?
Honestly I had never heard of the M31 before I had talked to my friend who was hurt.
3. What was your goals when you bought your M30s?
I needed another vehicle. I liked the look of the M31. It was always a daily driver for me though.
4. You had one of the rarest items, an OEM lip. Can you tell me how that came about.
It was pre-installed already on the grey car when I got it from my friend.
5. What made you sell your M30s and how did you feel during that time (situation that changed it).
When I was deployed to Iraq my daughter was using the M31 for her daily driver. She wasn’t paying attention one day and ran over a tree branch  that embedded itself in the exhaust system and caused massive damage. When my wife took it to the garage to get its yearly emissions testing done the mechanic showed her the branch (it was over 5 feet in length) still stuck in the undercarriage. At the point my wife and I decided to get rid of the car because I wasn’t able to repair it because of the year and half long deployment I was on. We found a guy in Florida who came up and trailered the car back to Florida to fix it.
6. Would you ever think of getting another M30 and why?
No I wouldn’t. I really liked the M31 but I try to keep up with technology and IMO the future is electric. That’s what I am looking to get now. I am all about fuel efficency so my current vehicle is a 2012 Chevy Sonic with the 1.4L turbo with a manual transmission that gets an average of 44 mpg. In the future I would get this car again or a Tesla. 100% instant torque throughout the entire RPM range. That’s power!
7. When we were building F31club, how and what did you feel about the group/scene/website?
I loved your site. I used it doing all of my research and to connect with other people that had the M31 to get information on repairs and upgrades for my car.
8. In your current situation, would you still meet with M30 or Leopard owners given the opportunity?
If there was a group meet in my area I would check it out to see what other members had done with their vehicles.