Save M30’s from the Wrecking Yards

This is my first time posting anything on the site. I’ve owned 8 convertibles and 1 coupe in the last 5 years. I currently have a white convert that I have been chasing for almost 3 years.  I’ve managed to keep several of them very stock by salvaging as many usable parts as I can find from junkyards from all over the states of Washington, Oregon and California.  Most wrecking yards other than the Pick n Pull’s usually let the cars stay in the in the yards for over 90 days.  You can call and ask about parts and if they are good they’ll pull them and send them to you.  Lately it seems that seems that most M30’s have been ending up in Pick n Pulls and the car is crushed within about 45 days at the most. Some of the photos from Row 52 show that quite a few parts are salvageable, however go to waste because I’m too far away to retrieve them. My biggest regret was not getting back to a Pick n Pull in Tacoma to get a fairly clean interior and quarter windows.

I encourage everyone to check the Pick n Pull yards and inform others on this site what parts are usable and collect as many parts as you can afford and/or store for a rainy day.  Every month it gets harder and harder to find these cars in yards.  Check Row 52.  I’m happy to pay someone to grab parts and ship them to me. I also have parts that I can trade. I’m currently looking for a tan drivers seat, white mud flaps and a simple original radio volume cap.

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