BMW Marketing Training handbook

We’ve always compared the Infiniti M30 to Lexus and Acura counterparts back in the early 90s, but I’ve never thought about the european competition. I’ve never even thought about how other car companies thought about each other. I present to you the BMW Marketing Training Handbook, “Perception Vs. Reality”.

So this handbook for BMW’s salesman and personnel offers a brief introduction on what was at the time, “new” Lexus, and Infiniti brand. Lexus and Infiniti at the time only offered 2 models…. Lexus with the LS400 and SC300/400, and Infiniti with the Q45 and M30.

I believe at the time of this handbook, BMW was trying to push their 750iL and 535i models.

There were some harsh thoughts from AutoWeek in here that states: “M30 is a Nissan. Worse, it is not even the new-generation Nissan personified in the 300ZX, Maxima, and 240SX. It is a holdover from the early 1980s when Nissans were competent, boring and boxy.”

The handbook goes on: “Like their counterparts at Lexus, the designers at Infiniti had imitation as the driving force behind their “creativity”.

Of course it is biased, as the handbook was made for their salesman and marketers to believe “BMW does not follow trends. We create them”. It offers pointers and advice to convince the consumer that their product is better than the competition and that they are the product leader.

There will always be a balance in life, even in our F31 world. We love our car dearly, but there was once a time when there was also a counter for the appreciation. It is an interesting perspective, and part of the M30 history here in America.

As you look thru the scans, what are your thoughts?



-Mark J