Nice Burgundy Berry Coupe

Greg contacted me a few months ago about an his M30 and we talked a bit. Really clean and he has fixed a few issues.


Here’s a summary of my problem and the solution.

My son in law was driving my M30 and the speedometer stopped working, the check engine light came on and the cruise control didn’t work either.  At first I thought it was a Speed Sensor but based on my VIN, I found out my car had an actual speedometer cable.  When searching for a replacement (Part Number 25050 F6600), I found the part had been discontinued and I was unable to find it anywhere within the US.  I searched for someone to build me a new one.

I sent my cable to:
Deluxe Speedometer and Cable Services
2330 S Kalamath Street Unit A
Denver, CO 80223

The owner called me and said he would be able to reuse the outer housing of the cable and save me some money.  He shipped it back to me.  Total price (including shipping to NC) was just under $50.

My M30 is back good as new and at a price I could afford.


1990 M30

114,000 miles

asking $4300

can be contacted: