Modified Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Zenki 1/64

I saw this on YAJ. I have all the Vintage Neo Leopards and they are pricey ($20 each). So when I see on modified, it is really cool to see.

This was made by uchida0125


★ Tomica Limited, vintage, Nissan, Leopard early period, deep rim, Shakotan reform, present condition delivery, tire will not rotate. I am using a new unused model, but since it is scraping the chassis, the body inside etc., at the time of remodeling, I hope in junk treatment. It is making of amateur’s hobby range. The more nervous one should withhold a bid. Since it does not accept any cancellation after a successful bid, please offer a bid after examination. Those with a new ID and those with 3 or more bad evaluations due to the highest bidder convenience may be deleted even if they are bid, so please understand. Also, we ask that you can close the deal in about one week from the first contact from us in principle. Shipping fee is ¥ 220 per unit for non-standard-size mail, but it may vary depending on weight and packing method. I try to measure it as accurately as possible. Since we calculate shipping fee by weighing for us, we may rarely get an error, please understand we are not going to make a request for the difference and refund at that time. We will correspond as much as possible if there are other delivery methods you would like. Since I have otherwise sent it, I would appreciate your favor. In addition, we will try quick dealings, but please contact us only for those who can acknowledge it may be delayed due to the circumstances of us, work.