1st US Leopard for sale

Curtis is the owner of the 1st Leopard in the US. Currently there are 2 as of this writing. He purchased in 2017 for $9000 and had emailed me some questions pertaining to the Leopard.

Through the course of 2017 to now (2019), he’s had a few issues with the leopard. I believe it’s been sitting for most of the time, but steering rack went out and he rebuilt it. Then the transmission had issues. He serviced it.

Anyways, family and work situation has changed and he needs to sell the car.

He offered it for $3000. That is 1/3rd of the price. Then dropped it a few hundred more.

Mark and Curtis talked to each other about it.

Mark and I talked about it after.

You have to see, when this car first came to the US, Mark was the one that found it for sale. Even then, Mark and I were excited and even thought about getting it together! But after the excitement settled down and rational thinking came into play, we knew that $9000 can go a long way to make an M30 pretty much a new car. It has always been my counterpoint to JDM cars that have a North American version.

Well, after Mark talked to Curtis, Mark and I talked about doing that same thing. Mark was gonna meet up with Renny for dinner and I said I’ll call and we can talk. We talked about 3 of us buying it. It was interesting and crazy!!! We talked about what it needs…

Next day we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it. The truth is it would be in WA state, I live in California (emission laws), Mark and Renny live in Hawaii. So how would it work? Mark’s cousin lives in Puyallup and my parents live in Olympia, so storing the car wouldn’t be an issue.

The main thing is the logistics. None of us have instant access to the car. So we can’t spend time on it. Personally, I was up for it. I like crazy and insane ideas. Additionally, my wife said it was okay if Renny and Mark wanted to do it. But I never want my brothers to feel forced or be put in a situation that they feel it wasn’t right.


There is good news though. I will let it reveal itself!