Wandering Leopard: Japan 2019 pt 1

A few months back that Carshop Friend was having a meeting in May 2019 and the same location as last time, Hakone. I had to make sure that is was okay for an outsider/non exclusive member to participate and Mr. K said I was invited.

I threw out the dates and see what was available for everyone. The schedule would be moved around this time. Typically, I start at Tokyo and move West and then head back.

This time, I’m starting in Osaka the moving East to Tokyo, then moving back West to Kyushu region. The weekends would cover Osaka and Hakone, then Kyushu the following weekend. Typically I have my weekends in Tokyo… but yeah, this threw things in a different path.

I know that having Tokyo/Yokohama during the weekdays is tough for my brothers to meet up, so I don’t really expect them to. But I also put this as part 1 because I feel a part 2 will happen again this year.

I’ve never touched down in Kansai airport (2 years ago, I was in Itami airport) and I’ve also booked my Rapi:t train:

credit: Osakastation.com

with an arrival time of 10am. Right away, Okuni, Iishi and Maeda-san said they can meet me there! Last year (Nov 2018) we met at Kyoto station and went to Ryoanji Temple.

I do want to explore Den-den town and Namba Parks. By Shinkansen, Kobe is 12mins. Kyoto is 30mins. So there might be opportunities to go there and explore a bit. I was in Kobe to see Gigantor statue in 2017.

I heard the Nunobiki Falls were amazing and near the station.

Even Osaka’s Minoo Falls sparked some interest!

If you ever been to Hakone, you know it is mountainous and gorgeous. Tons of cars cruise here and it has a history for touge runs as well.

Exploring Tokyo is just never ending. I’ve explored Tokyo pretty much every trip and every time, I either didn’t get a chance to check something out or something new pops up that sparks my interest.

I really want to go down some streets off main roads and see what I come upon. Akihabara is definitely a place to do that!

I definitely want to see the Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba as well.

Of course, as I plan, other ideas pop up and then I start to think should I try and spend time to see things. Some of these things are interesting and I often don’t mind making the sacrifice to see them…

But I’m excited as usual.

Why Japan again? It is simply not just about cars TBH. I love hanging out with my friends, but I always feel that Japan has soo much to see and every time I go, I get a renewed sense of well being.

Being in Japan let’s me be lost. It is safe for the most part and I love trying to figure things out. This is part of Wandering Leopard that I love. Getting Lost.

Japan’s public transportation, punctuality and reliability makes it even better!

While these are the tentative dates/locations, they have already changed!