Zenki fuse box translation

It was something of a goal to translate the JDM Leopard manuals in English.. but that is a very daunting task.

As busy as I am, I try to help folks as much as possible.

I know a few Leopard owners in Russia and language can be a difficult barrier…

Yokai_893 is one of the leopard owners. He reached out to me about a fuse box translation. I was able to decipher some (very little and it was wrong) of it, but I had to reach out to one of the most technical F31 guys I know… Satoshi-san.

Satoshi-san has owned F31s all his life. While he was in Hawaii for a few years, he bought M30s. So has done some research into both the differences and commonalities between the cars, but also has a cross reference list (maybe in his mind!).

I asked Satoshi-san and immediately replied. This is super important as this could help Leopard owners in other countries.


What Yokai_893 sent me.


Satoshi-san translation


Credit: Satoshi-san

Shirt translation: Save the snow leopard (from Yokai)


For good measure, what is the M30 Vert in relation?