COVID19 and F31club

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is safe and taking the precautions to keep yourself, family and others from getting COVID19.

I know it’s dominating everything and we want a break from it… but let’s be honest, this virus is going to impact our lives (hopefully short term).

I’ve been working in the medical field for 14yrs and we always take these precautions when people have something that is contagious or highly transmittable.

I NEVER take it lightly, but as many medical professions that deal with direct patient contact, you have to protect yourself and the patient… so we always follow precautions.

Whether it is flu season or a pandemic like it is now…. Medical professionals are FRONTLINE.

Here in California, we are “shelter in place”. I feel it is very liberal because we can still go out, we can still go get food.. and I’ve even seen mechanic shops and other small businesses open. So how serious is it? If we really want to be serious, everything would be closed. (Just my opinion).

I also feel for the industries, local, small businesses and people that are gonna be hurt by these precautions. The hospitality industries, food industries (many restaurants are closing permanently), airlines…  As a society, everyone will be affected in someway.

I hope after 3 weeks somethings will go back to normalcy, but that is highly unlikely until we stop the virus and find a way to combat it. Definitely more testing/screening, keep the social distance and always wash hands.

  • People stop being greedy and let people get supplies if you have them.
  • Look out people. I know it’s easy to be selfish, but we can do small things to help.
  • Don’t always let social media downplay the virus, but also don’t let the hysteria get to you either.
  • We, not only as a society are going through it, but the world.
  • Please don’t be stupid and use common sense…


Car related stuff – I’ve been working on a retro website here on F31club. It’s just a sub directory with multiple older style, html layouts. Project Leopard is a retro car with a retro build, so I figure build retro website to follow suit.

I was blogging about Project Leopard with wordpress… but I wasn’t excited about it. When I thought about an old school website design… I got excited and have been enjoying build it. Notepad coding is tough.. but that is how I remembered doing html (2 classes in the 1999).

Project Leopard M30 itself – I got the interior pieces (grey pieces from junkyard M30) and have been cleaning them up. Dash will be redone.

I was gonna go for some really expensive items right away (R35 coils, Full trigger kit and standalone ECU) and have the car painted at the same time… but I want to see how things play out. Again, we are also shelter in place and I don’t know how restricted travel is (which I’m sure is fine).

Motor is in machine shop and I was updated that the machine shop was waiting for some freeze plugs and they are arriving this week (but who knows).

While I was trying to get it all done for JCCS, I don’t know if that has been delayed or cancelled since it is far ahead, I decided to slow down on the build. I was going to try and complete everything as fast as possible, but what is going on (and if there are going to be financial impacts) I will slow down. I am hoping that motor assembly can start soon. Then I will get interior done and then, hopefully by then traveling and virus stuff is lighter, I can get the car exterior taken cared of.

Until then be safe everyone!!!

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