Project Leopard – passenger side door handle

In true project car fashion, I like to try fix anything that is functional. When the car arrived at the SR20 Store in December, passenger side door wasn’t working. I forgot about it. Even when I arrived back at the SR20 store in February and took out the interior with Roger V, I again forgot to investigate more.

As I am heading to work on the car again, I kept that mental note. There is a complete vert in a junkyard and I wanted to get what ever is needed for Project Leopard.

I had to ask a big favor from my brother Roger V. again. I asked if he had time, could he take pictures of the inside of the door so I can grab what I need to fix it.

REMEMBER: This is an M30.. these aren’t parts you can get anywhere.

My brother pulled through! Here is what is messed up/missing from the door.

Thanks hachiboy!!!





I checked out a vert and got all these components (for both sides) as well as the door handles (seen a few break).


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