A clean Leopard for sale

I’ll try and keep up with for sales of Leopards and M30s… sometimes it is hard to.

Since recently I’ve been working on what wheels to get, this matched the “sporty” side of the F31.



F31 Leopard Late May 1991 XS Twincam Turbo Accident-free actual driving Timing belt exchanged 5-speed manual replacement official approval official documents available Front and rear Altima Bumper Nadi steering Outside muffler Timing belt exchanged 2019 Car harmonic leather seat cover SSR stage rim wheel Rear spoiler Black Two-tone 6M6 Interior Exterior Exterior deterioration Deterioration of tappet sound peculiar to old Nissan cars Power steering engine oil bleeding Air conditioner does not cool Car harmonics absorber Absorber door visor rubber deterioration Other 30 years old car so those who are not immune to this kind of thing If you do not understand, we apologize, but please refrain from registration.