The idea of an F31 Track car – forum post

I made this post April of last year (2019). Sometimes, I get ideas or inspired and I make a note of it.

In this case, this IG post of a BMW with bash bar as a front and as fenders. Fabrication has come a long way since the 2000s and people are building cars on a whole new level. Some good and some bad.

At the time, the idea for the Blue M30 was the zenki front end conversion and digital gauge cluster only. The vert was/is my summer cruiser in Canada and WA. Other than that, I didn’t have plans for a motor sports car.

When I saw the BMW, there were 2 RB powered M30s for sale. Both in decent condition exterior wise and of course typical rough interior that goes with these cars. I don’t think these guys posted on the FB page as it was a surprise to see these.

I thought to myself, If I did want to build a motor sports car, it would be a dedicated track car. Since most people that are building M30s for drifting, I’d want to explore another type of driving. Auto X or road race.

I also want the car to represent F31club and M30s. I would also like to have it VG powered. In an era where swaps are common place, I want to have to have the F31 represented in some what of it’s pure form.

Since that post was over a year ago, a lot has changed. While I don’t have plans for a dedicated track car currently, I am working with M30s on a few different levels. With quite a few M30s that have the junkyard and it’s been only half of 2020, There is a notion at one point this year to get a dealer’s licence and go to auctions to save these cars.

While Project Leopard isn’t a dedicated track car, I do want to test it from time to time. I think this would be a good time to do time trials. That isn’t hard to fathom the idea.. but it is a distant one.