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New Member here . Definitely not new to Nissan sports cars though. I started with Skylines in 99 and was a prominent poster on SAU Forums in the electrical section for a number of years under my own name. Graduated from the older cars to the V35,36 series in 2006 . currently own a 1987 HR31 and a 1991 F31 convertible.

The HR31 has a number of look like stock revisions to make it more interesting and also allow me to keep an eye on a 33 yr old engine. the F31 is getting a similar but more advanced treatment . look for more on this one as the work progresses.

I do a lot of electronic design work for older cars and the F31 platform is one I intend to fully explore. The use of newer parts in this platform are my focus. Newer OE radios that work on the OE controls . Additions of other features never available in the car but available on later cars , for example 360 deg camera systems (S35 Rogue) , BT phone with OE hand controls on the steering wheel (Y32 J30 chassis)  auto dimming mirrors (GM HHR without onstar works well on a convertible)  and so on.?

some of these will be instructional documents showing exactly how it was done or how to fix something. others will simply be images. If I do a write up
for a repair it will generally be a PDF.

questions I’m usually available for.

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  1. Thanks Chris.

    If you want, just send me the stuff as I plan on making a link to write ups.

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