Project Leopard – AZ planning

Project Leopard is in Arizona. I’ve been wanting to go down there since last year (2020). It didn’t happen because I had to go to WA state because of my dad’s passing. I’ve been eager to get the car going and get my hands on it. There is a lot to be done.

I’m coming down with the radiator support and running board/channel



So I’ve kind of made a to do list.

  1. Get the radiator support swapped out. (spot weld drill bit need to buy) and get the front end straightened up.
  2. Replace hood latch and connect release cable.
  3. Install cover plate (also with Security Torx bit)
  4. Weld in place


  1. Clean up engine bay/ prep for paint.
  2. Remove engine harness (to have evaluated).
  3. Remove other components.


  1. Passenger side door handle swap (including the key cylinder)
  2. Swap door interior parts


  1. Interior clean up
  2. Check wiring/harnesses


  1. Front bumper mount points fix (plastic weld).
  2. Sand down front lip (along with sides and rear pieces).


  1. Cut front grill for M30 latch
  2. Put on headlight support bracket
  3. Take off side moulding and prep (sand)
  4. Measure for radiator panel
  5. Measure mirror mounts – Bomex
  6. Driver side fender harness?
  7. Eyelids for Zenki headlights?


These are the priorities and others that I will probably try to do. I feel once I get the front end straight, engine bay cleaned/prepped, and everything sanded down (I was told the body has been sanded down), hopefully it can be painted soon enough.

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