Wandering Leopard – Desert Leopard part 1

I kind of kept this secret because I didn’t want some people know that I was going (since my IG and f31club are open) lol. I wanted to work on the car and get as much as I possibly could get done.

I literally had maybe an equivalent of maybe 2 days. Friday afternoon arrival, All of Saturday and a few hours Sunday morning to noon.

While I had an plan… the engine bay part took all day.

I left Oakland and arrived in Phoenix around 5:30 pm. I was worried that TSA would hold my box… but there aint nothing in it but big car parts.

  • radiator support cut
  • Running board cut (which does have pipe bomb look to it)
  • Vert wing with LED light


I met with Greg and Chuck at Sakura Garage. While I didn’t take pictures of the shop… it is HUGE.  Went to Project Leopard and started to see what needed to be done.


My plan of attack was to change out all the front end tweaked stuff, like radiator support and clean up the engine bay. Greg’s plan was to paint the engine bay, so he said let’s remove everything anyway. That took all day!

We soon went to The Chuckbox burger joint and had lunch.



When we got back, we started to get deeper into the de-cluttering and then cleaning.


Later that evening after pushing the car back in and started to sand the front lip.