N. San Jose Pick n Pull

Lack of updates leads to posting misc stuff LOL.

Anytime an M30 his a junkyard near me, I always hit it up. I was hoping to get a few things from this car, but my focus was on the trunk carpet and lining. But I’ll always grab stuff I need. Well, this car was already hit up for only being a week in the yard.

I’m glad someone is getting parts and it’s not going to waste. At some point, I’m gonna have to get the glass, doors, fender and even hoods for these cars.

Anyways. besides that, interior was taken apart, digital climate control was gone. That is good because I would have bought it so it wouldn’t go to waste.

Some random guy messaged me and asked me to get him a bunch of stuff… unfortunately I am busy and have limited time. Since nobody helps me out with stuff and f31club, I wont help people out in return. Trust me, I’ve help others out and in return, I don’t get that respect back and feel I’m wasting time.


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