My personal Project Cars and rant

Sorry I’ve been busy. A lot of things have fell on me kinda of all at once and I am tackling them. Since it seems like no support at times, I’ve decided to only help those that have immediately are helping me. Sometimes it’s obvious some people aren’t going to help me with anything. Until then, I’m just gonna be on my personal missions.

I’ve started side sub-directory site that will completely focus on my project cars (Project Leopard, Diplomat, Krazy Leopard and my vert). Just to take a way a bit of my personal side of F31club. A lot is intertwined with me, but it shouldn’t always be 98% about me. But in my attempts to keep F31club alive, it seems like I’m the only one putting forth.

So the sub site won’t be available until I get Project Leopard closer to getting done, which is why I’ve had to go to Arizona as it’s been almost a year for it being there. Hopefully, the next trip, I will get it to that level of prepping and ready to paint.

I’ve been on a “F you” trip lately (those that I talk to are in good standing) but it’s just situations that have been bugging me. A lot of my stuff is in various places, waiting and excuses on the Diana kit (hopefully 3/28/21 it’s all over), my “partner shop” in Japan has been holding my R31 door cards and zenki dash bezel and hasn’t been in contact since last year until recently when Itabashi-san made a call from his wife’s phone (Itabashi-san was the one that brought the zenki front to this shop and knows the shop owner personally). I don’t mind being patient, but I don’t like the no updates and slacking on the communication. Because I’m not like that.

At times, things feel like it isn’t a 2 way street. I don’t ask for much and I ALWAYS PAY when asked. I also don’t like it when people assume I’ll pay for everything when doing them a favor. If someone does me a favor, I let them know I appreciate it and make sure their time/effort is rewarded and respected.

There is also a bunch of criticisms and non accomplished, non established, “just happen to buy an m30”, expecting something from me. Just a “can you help me find a Diana kit” or “I need this, this and this”. I again, I don’t put things up for sale. But not even even a “whats up Roger, I’ve been reading F31club”.

So that is where I am at.


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