A call from Jacy

Jacy contacted me yesterday about my post of helping people and me backing away from helping. As I said, I don’t mind helping people, but in return, I just want posts on F31club’s blog (like this) to give their content to F31club.

Back in 2004/5, Jacy needed a bumper and bought a parts car in Seattle for that bumper only. He told me I could have the car and take anything else I needed, but I decided to pay my part and I also got the car registered. It was a complete car and at the time, I didn’t have money to fix it (ah.. big mistake… it was a nice car).


Jacy said he remembered when I drove from Seattle to the Bay Area (Dublin, CA) to bring the bumper to him. We have never met and only communicated on the phone/text/forums.



For me, it was about supporting someone that needed help. Especially at this time when F31club was starting to be more of a brotherhood.

Again, I’ve helped tons of people just because we are all in the same boat.




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