Finally some movement on my projects…

Alright the break down:

  • M30 Vert in Vancouver BC – boarder closed.
  • All panels that need replacement are waiting (door and fender)


Project Leopard has been split and in various stages.

  • Project Leopard body in Arizona for paint (been a year, heading out there soon).
  • RB25DET – still needs to be completed (hasn’t been touched in months), Marco said he will work on it this weekend.
  • Since the engine wasn’t fully complete – Tomei Poncams are going in rather than the stock ones.
  • I’ve also started to buy up all the parts I needed and have been putting off until the car comes back to LA. I’m starting to get impatient.
  • Exhaust manifold, heat and turbo shields are being cleaned up and ceramic heat coated (in LA).
  • Enkei RP01 – at Exeed North America (in LA).
  • Completed – Dashboard, glove box, rear seats and rear side panels
  • In Japan – R31 door cards, zenki f31 digital gauge bezel and zenki hood.
  • In Japan – Calsonic ETC reader, Razo illuminated MT gear indicator, Sard Attack meter
  • To purchase – Thrash Racing Snow Leopard seats
  • Need to finish – interior trim pieces (airbrush)
  • Need to finish – zenki f31 arm rest LHD conversion
  • Build out oil cooler relocation set
  • Clean Trust oil cooler and heater core with radiator company.
  • To purchase – Suspension upgrades
  • In transit – Oka-chan parts water parts.


Project Diplomat (blue M30 with Diana kit)

  • Diana kit has arrived (4/22/21).
  • Fix any cracks and reinforce some fiberglass points
  • Wire up fender markers, turn signal and fog light (Diana housing)
  • Exhaust change out.
  • start planning out the suspension.


With my blue M30, the Diana kit/ VIP build is only a year old… so I still have to plan and figure out what to do with it. I have a few ideas, but I want to make it PROPER.