Quick Visit to Future Fab 2021

One of the shops a lot of the OG M30s guys in Arizona know is Future Fab.


Back in the earlier times of F31club, Garrett and Donovan were one of the people to have an S13 rear subframe done by Future Fab.  From what Garrett said, one of the Fabricators there bought an M30 for $400 and started building it out. (I do believe this might have been Bob’s car).

But just the fact that a shop was putting in the work for M30s was cool and based on what all my friends said about Future Fab, I’ve always kept that shop in high regards.

Only since I started to rebuild an RB25det, I wanted to get Future Fab’s RB25det manifold (possibly in the in the future I will.. no puns intended lol). I would love to get his manifold, but I just have money allocated for other whole car (if I was just building the motor, I would have no problem).

To stop by and see Future Fab, but to also meet Jon was very cool. It was one of the shops I’ve really wanted to see. Hopefully, I can have the Project Leopard blessed by Jon with the charge pipe and intercooler setup.