My 1991 Nissan Leopard Ultima Turbo

In 2016, while doing my normal daily routine of scouring the web for anything F31 related… I stumbled upon a gem on Craigslist. I had to do a double take. Lo and Behold, it was a real Nissan Leopard for sale from an Import Dealership in Washington. A 1991 Nissan Leopard Ultima turbo. I immediately emailed the owner. I later told Roger about it. Someone eventually purchased it some time afterwards. Fast forward 4 years later, it is now under my ownership and care. It’s a long story… there is a lot of information to be shared in the future. Here she is, the first Nissan Leopard on US soil….

It was a dream back in the early 2000s to even think about owning a true Nissan Leopard, let alone an Ultima. One of many milestones achieved.