Project Leopard update and Diplomat night

Been planning to go to LA again and obviously want to see the progress on Project Leopard. The car is with Hung and lately, he has been taking care of the suspension. I ordered new Phase2 outer tie rods and ISR inner tie rods. I was trying to keep it with Phase2, but at this time of ordering, they didn’t have any. Quick shout out to Circuit Sports R.

Also go some rear end link bushings and a couple of bits to take care the front. I have brand new Riaction coil overs as well.


Hung mentioned that had removed the steering rack and is looking for time to drop it off to be rebuilt.

On the RB25det build, Marco has been asking about some parts. One thing we have noticed was the engine mount brackets weren’t there. I had to order them and Marco has Syko mounts.

The head drain from Franklin Performance NZ needed an O-ring, so I contacted them asking what size. They responded with a link to these on Ebay.

Koyorad was ordered up by Luke at Ultra Heaven. He measured it when Project leopard was in Arizona. It was the same dimensions for his R31 in size and mounting, so it all worked out!!! I was informed it is with my parts pile at the SR20 store.

RB25det was missing the engine mounts and brackets. Which I was hoping to have when all the engine parts were given. It is what it is. Marco said to order aluminum ones, but I couldn’t find any. I did however order a used set of OEM ones, which is what they used in the Project Car magazine. Additionally, Marco has a set of Syko mounts/isolators.

Getting these used ones, I want to clean up and possibly reinforce them to make them solid. While I like new, if I get something used, I want to refresh them to be just like new.


Last tidbit is the Greddy intake manifold. Through out 2021, I was trying to get everyone who had a hand on my car to move on their part. Whether it was the engine build, painting or the digital climate control, it just seemed that Project Leopard hit this wall that people wouldn’t touch it for months at a time. It was frustrating.

I had to personally try to do things to keep it moving, so any small projects or things I can do, I tried to take care. I was thinking about the Greddy intake manifold as Marco said he was gonna get it sent out and sandblasted. So out of sight, out of mind until last summer when I got the exhaust manifold done. I was gonna get the intake manifold and have it done, but other small stuff for the timing came up… so I forgot again.

End of 2021 and start of 2022, Project Leopard is crawling again… and Marco sent me this picture.

Cleaned up and Boost Doc water outlet insert is set!


Finally working on small trim pieces for Project Leopard at my house.


For Project Diplomat, I’ve started to work on the front end, but not completely done yet. I did go out and take pictures other night.