Project Leopard current update

* I’ve just been waiting for the people I entrusted this project to, to do their part and obviously it hasn’t gone my way!


I was in SoCal because I had my son’s bday at Legoland. Of course, the side missions of checking out my SITTING project and of course, try to meet with friends.


I planned on installing a few parts on the Project car, but by the time I got to it, it was late.

I was going to install the GKTech’s Power Steering Delete kit, GKTech’s Engine bay brake delete kit and a harness shield. Since it was too late, I decided on just looking at the parts on the car.

Short video of the car at my cousin’s house. It was night, but I just wanted to take pictures with the Zenki f31 lights on.


A couple days earlier, I stopped by the SR20 Store TRYING to get an update on time frame. While there, I bought a new LS V8 alternator and used the New PRP bracket to install it.


There are a few big items that need to be addressed and the alternator was one of them. PRP gave me the free upgraded when I was waiting for their original bracket with CWC adaptor.


The other stuff items dealt with the fuel system. I was trying to keep the fuel rail and injectors on a lower budget, but since everything seemed to hit snags.. I decided to get a Radium fuel rail (Top Feed conversion) with 1000cc injectors. Still needs to be mounted.

Another big item I was waiting for was Syko Performance’s elbow – which was finally made.


Another step/barrier it seems with Marco was he is waiting for the Syko mounts. He said that he didn’t want the car waiting for parts, so I’m HOPING once he gets the mounts, he can take hte car and install the motor. That is all I really want at minimum. Start the engine and make sure it runs… other stuff I can wait for.


Thrash Racing sent my R31 door cards and Zenki cluster bezel that has been sitting in Osaka for 2yrs. The door cars were something I really wanted because it does change the look. Project Leopard’s original Driver’s side door car was literally chewed up (possibly by a dog). I was gonna have a set redone, but when I saw the R31 door cars in Chris’ M30, I thought it looked awesome. Of course, this lead me to get the whole interior to be redone in black.

I was talking to a guy and he mentioned black was boring. Again, style is subjective and I personally wanted to have a nice, clean look to Project Leopard. Again, it’s a tribute car and it is suppose to be elegant.


Having the bezel, I can start modifying it to fit the M30’s dash bezel like Itabashi-san did.




Other than that, It’s just planning on how to set up the gauges and meters that I want to be on the car. I could easily have all these one blank display, but truthfully, I wanted that 90s/2000s look with these items. Once again, highlighting the era.


I’m hoping to figure out a time to go down for the weekend in July to work on the car. I want it to be the final push to get it mechanically done.