The Project Leopard Viewpoint Narrative

…it was suppose to historic. We are making part #3 of Project Car Magazine’s M30. The REVIVAL!


The narrative of Project Leopard was something of an amazing idea. Bring a dead car back to life. Rebuild everything from the ground up with established JDM companies and quality parts.

Work with the original builder and companies that supplied parts

  • SR20STORE – I was honestly lost until Roger V connected me with Robby and Marco. Marco was the original builder for this car and he said to bring it down for him to work on it again. I was so elated. He was also using the same companies as before to build cars. That was important to the build.
  • Phase2 Motortrend – Phase2 Motortrend helped with Project Leopard’s original build by supplying parts. I made it a point to try and use as many Phase2 parts as much as possible. I was even in contact with them about making a strut bar for the M30.
  • Syko Performance – Another company that made a very crucial part for the RB25det to be used in a LHD car, their exhaust elbow. The Syko elbow clear’s the steering shaft so the down pipe can be connected. They also made mounts for the RB25det engine as well.
  • F31 community – Involve some of the people in the F31 community.

Use Quality parts

  • JDM Companies that I respected and enjoyed were going to be a focus on this build. Greddy, HKS, Blitz, Pivot, Tomei, Nismo, Defi, Yashio Factory, Apexi and Enkei
  • Australian/New Zealand Companies – These regions have pushed the RB tuning limits with some great products.
  • New technology – While there will be some newer technology used (ECU), I really want to keep it hidden.

Tribute Car

  • Nismo Leopard – Having the Zenki front end, I really wanted to imitate the Nismo Leopard, but have a bit of Nismo parts to back it up. People don’t know about the Nismo Leopard.
  • Era Correct – I really wanted to keep it 80s-2000s type of tuning. During this era, I was fascinated by all the HKS piggybacks from the 80s. Having a 90s car and growing up in the 2000s era, I wanted to pay tribute by making somewhat of a pseudo time capsule. This includes the aesthetics of the car.
  • F31club tribute – This car is also built for my old school brotherhood within the F31club forums and people that have helped me. This includes my brothers in Japan that have helped me accomplish what I though was impossible.


  • This car is my vision of an F31 sports car. NOT A DEFINITIVE VISION, my interpretation.
  • Saving a historic car and rebuilding to its former glory. This includes rebuilding from the ground up.
  • A blend of Japanese and American ideology of the F31.
  • Represent the M30 and F31club (at least my contribution as others have represented as well).

I am stating this now as I reached a point in the build that the narrative will change. I have respected my partners in this build by being faithful in payments when asked and not giving pressure to do their assigned jobs. There hasn’t been delays in parts, but more on the service end. I watched as my car and engine were put on low priority for some odd reason. Tasks that could take a few weeks or a few months has turned into (as of this posting 7/2022) a 2.5yr delay.

I have been tolerant and open with communication and in return I was given false dates longer delays. This will change now.

To be continued….


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