Visit to Moonlight Runners and F31club custom front lips!!!

Stopped by my friend’s Jon and Astrid to talk shop. I always enjoy my conversations with Jon as he gives me a lot of insight when he builds. I also learned his philosophy. So let me make this clear for some people that DON’T GET IT (and trust me, there’s people that don’t get it).

Jon WON’T make stuff that is readily available. 

This is something that needs to be clear as some kids don’t get it. There is an issue where Jon turned down making a front lip for the F31 and that kid blames me for some odd reason. I had nothing to do with that issue. Anyways, knowing how it came about just made me realize that some kids are jealous and because something gets denied, they blame others.

Jon called me and asked about making copies. I told him the front lips are still available by 2 different F31 aero suppliers. It’s relatively cheap too $150 through YAJ from the main seller on there. As Jon’s friend and knowing how it is in Japan, I told him making copies of something that people supply there might get him backlash. If he made one, I can’t buy one, but if he made it different, I will definitely buy anything he makes as long as it’s not a direct copy.

Anyways, we talked about fiberglass stuff and I just had this thought about making a different front lip. I asked him if I came up with a design and fronted the money (yes, I wanted to give money for his time and effort and support his business), would he help me. He said yes.

I was excited as I was already gonna come to him when times comes when I do a Kaido racer build with the Red leopard parts.

Truthfully, anyone can get a OEM style front lip. There is a guy on YAJ that makes them specifically for the F31 community. The official licensed Nissan version/part is through Carshop Friend and it’s about $400.

If we come up with few designs,  know one thing for sure. F31club members and the people that have been by my side will get an exclusive lip.


I will not make huge batches of these lips and I will only sell to good people. It’s not about the money, but its about giving back to the ones who were there!