4 M30s at JCCS 2022

Over the years, M30 owner’s have entered their cars in JCCS. 2019 when I went, there were 3 total. Last year, Roger V’s M30 was parkin lot pimpin (which is just a term of hanging out in the parking lot) and Steve’s POV recognized it. This year, we had 4 m30s in JCCS!!!!

We had a SoCal M30 IG group chat going and talked about going together. Elias, Ian and I had registered. We didn’t know who else registered and who else would be just coming to hang out. One person I messaged was Mark L. He was at Radwood and I congratulated him and he said he was coming to JCCS as a registered participant (driving from Portland!!). He contacted me the night of his arrival.

We didn’t roll in together as a group, but we were assigned the category “Neo Nissan”. So we ended up all together. We also had a JDM Y32 Cedric owned by Jay (which he won our category!)

We immediately cliqued up. Solid guy!!!


My buddy Ricky (who owns an F30 Leopard) was also showing, but wasn’t in our section!

When I was walking around, I heard a “Roger” and I turn around to see my girl Ashleigh! She has a convertible (and I was trying to get her to bring out to JCCS), but she was working the Hagerty booth.


I also saw Myron and Mark. Myron own’s a convertible, but also a Autech Zagato Stelvio I saw at Pebble Beach last month. He was promoting his book, “Japan’s Most Astonishing Sports Cars”. Truly a great piece of automotive literature.  (https://www.aquietgreatness.com).


I also saw my buddy Randy who runs JDM Car Boy! Randy used to own 2 verts.


Towards the middle and end of the event, Edrik, Jess, Alfredo, Donovan, Joe and his dad and my family as well as Elias’ family came out. I didn’t meet or see Alfredo. But he was there as his car was finished in time to drive.  When we got our group pic, we unfortunately didn’t know where Ian was at.


I met quite a few people that some how linked back to F31club. One guy was a G20 guy, but tried to by an M30 from Zed32 (pointing to his name). Another asked if “Driftday” was Naoki and I said yes.. and told him the story about Naoki’s SR20det powered M30. I met my Good Call buddy Billy. It was an amazing day… and I was absolutely exhausted because of the minimal sleep I had the whole week.


Besides our 4 M30s in the show, we had some parkin lot pimpin going on!


Ozzy and Alfredo

Edrik and Ozzy


Side note on the F31club shoutouts.

Awhile back, Mark (strikevalk) mentioned giving a shoutout to F31club OGs… and that stuck with me. I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I didn’t shout out the OG group, but also good friends who’ve helped me get this far. This includes friends in Japan and people who have helped me recently.

I am one of those guys that gives credit where credit is due and I always want people to know that I will give them their dues.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the names I wanted to and one was damaged from water and didn’t transfer.

So a quick update – I am having some names printed up

  • H.Pham
  • manche_mane
  • BigChetSkyy
  • teh_Luckinator
  • Crazywhitesil80
  •  paroxysm