Retrospection – 2020-2022


2020 started off good. I was in Japan, Project Leopard started to move forward and I was able to secure the Diana kit. The PANDEMIC happened and it affected the world. While things were kind of a stand still in many aspects, there was slow movement on Project Leopard with a few trips to LA and Project Leopard leaving to AZ for body work and paint. The pandemic also closed international borders. My M30 convertible was in Canada.. now stuck since summer of 2019.

Pandemic made many thing difficult, but I had everything before it really hit. Then my father tragically passed in October and the holidays right after, I was just focused on family. During that Christmas, I also caught COVID19 before vaccines were out.


While the pandemic was in full effect, herd immunity and vaccinations helped lower the number and things slowly started to back to normal. I had traveled to LA multiple times to get the RB25det going and to Arizona twice to get the car going. After 9 months of delay, my Diana kit came in. I was still concentrating on Project Leopard. Getting interior done, ordering parts, getting small stuff with the hopes of this would all culminate with Project Leopard coming back to LA. The let down was Project Leopard paint was rushed the week of the deadline and after 16 months in AZ. On top of that, SR20store also put my engine on low priority and my sat around. I was able to get my vert in August when Canada opened up their borders.


It started rough with trying to figure out what to do with Project Leopard. I didn’t want the car to go back to AZ and sit around, but I was also getting lead on by the SR20store about when the engine getting done and “give me a couple months” to bring my car there. I genuinely thought I was getting close. Between January and July, I had traveled to SoCal 4 times. At the end of July, I pulled the motor from the SR20store after being told in a few months and then “No”. I found Rival Autoworks and got the car there.

Around the same time,  I decided to enter JCCS with my blue M30. After a few mishaps, I politely bowed out. When I got a registration letter, I decided I needed to go all out. So for 2 weeks and up to the Friday night before the show… I was working on my blue M30.

It paid off.

As of this posting, It’s the beginning of December 2022. I am trying to solidfy what is the next steps for Project Leopard so I can bring it out in 2023