Project Leopard update – Final Phase!!!!

While I was in Japan, Hung started doing a lot of the plumbing and all the hoses I ordered, install them.




Matt (Thrice Engineering) picked up the car and started tacking the intercooler and piping together.



Also figured out what to do with the Greddy water outlet (as it was a bit loose).




Driveshaft came in and Hung slapped it together and installed it!


Hung messaged me and said to order some more stuff. The one thing I have been holding off on was the Link ECU GTR. Finally, I had to just had to swallow the price and get over it.


Hung also said I needed to get a wideband AFR system. He suggested the NTK system, so I went with that.


I also needed a few sensors. He suggested a couple from Z1 Motorsports.

RB air temp/water temp sensor and Coolant Temp sensor.


Oil Pressure Switch


Intake Air Temp sensor with pigtail.

I’m certain there’s a few more bits. But we are getting closer!!!!