Project Leopard update – Cooling Fans

Hung is thee guy!!! I couldn’t have done this without him!!!

Things have been moving in sections. I knew things were getting close to the cooling… so finally Hung told me what I needed to order. With this radiator, it was cutting it close.

Looking back at the original build, they used the RB25det shroud with M30 OEM radiator. This wasn’t gonna work with the current set up in Project Leopard.


While I did want to use a shroud, maybe at a later time something can be fabricated. For now, it will just be the fans on the radiator. Hung did some measuring and suggested these parts.

I ordered 2 of these fans.

SPAL 30100435 10” Low-Profile Fan Puller Curved Blades 12Volt 802 cfm VA11-AP7/C-57A



In order to mount these, I ordered 3 of these kits zip tie mount type kits


and SPAL brackets (8 of them).


Hung also looked for plugs and a harness, in which I ordered these at his request.

and the harness needed to hook them up

I’m honestly too excited about this!!


Additionally, Hung said I needed to order the PCV valve (and grommet) as they aren’t any on the valve covers.


It’s getting really close… I’m honestly too excited about this!!


While there is a deadline of the end of the month of May, everything should be done by then. Then it is doing fine details such as getting a radiator shroud made.


5-28-23 update

It cut sooo close…