Project Leopard Final Engine bay fabrication- Thrice Engineering


One of my biggest steps was fabrication. My initial thought is that I’ll have to have the car dropped off some place and have them do the fabrication and then I’ll have to pick it up again and move it somewhere else. While this journey gave has lead me to a few people that can do fabrication, it was the logistics. While the car was at Hung’s place, he had Thrice Engineering take the car and do some of the fabrication that was needed. Matt (Thrice) and Hung are good friends.

The fabrication needed was truly to address issues and start from scratch. What I thought would be plug in play, ended up being total custom. All these had to be addressed:

  • Original IC piping was made to go behind the M30 headlights. The original intercooler was also really big. Unfortunately, Marco (SR20store) throw them away. So I had to get new piping and intercooler.
  • Then we found out the  Syko Performance elbow and Tomei MX8265 (internal waste gate) had clearance issues. The waste gate wouldn’t full open. To add, Syko Performance didn’t respond to my request about any ideas/help they can give me.
  • The Koyorad needed custom mounting because NOBODY makes anything for the M30.



Syko Performance elbow

Jason (Rival Autoworks/Apexi) found that the internal wastegate of the MX8265 would hit the inside of the Syko elbow. I asked Marco about this (as he never mentioned it prior) and he said that they never used an Tomei turbo with a Syko elbow. He also mentioned that the wastegate wouldn’t be open for long periods of time, so it was okay. Nonetheless, it would be better to have the clearance. Hung showed Matt and this is what he did.





Koyorad bracket

Thrice made the bracket I needed for the Koyo Radiator. Originally, Ultra Heaven mocked up a 3d printed one, but I never got it with the car when it came back to LA and I was unsure if Luke ever made one for me. But I needed to get everything together and so the bracket was made.




Oil filter relocation mount

Oil filter Relocation needed to be mounted. Hung found this the best location because the length of the hoses and clearance.




Intercooler Piping

Since Marco threw away the old IC piping, I had to get a new set. The original IC piping was routed behind the M30 headlights, rather than cutting the battery tray location. This was corrected this time around. Not a total lose as we needed to do this properly anyway. I got a universal kit on Ebay, Hung gave the layout and Matt fabbed it all up. Recently, Matt also welded a mount for the blow valve and IAT bung.





The original intercooler was pretty big, but banged up. The idea was to cut the intercooler to be smaller. When I decided to grab everything from the SR20store, that is when Marco told me he threw it out. I still can’t believe he threw it without asking me. Nonetheless, I decided to get a new one that was smaller in size since I wasn’t sure how it would look with the zenki bumper. Matt’s mounting was pretty unique and from what Hung said, it’s because he does this type of stuff on Off road vehicles. I love how it looks.






The oil cooler

While I got Taark’s/Greddy’s oil block and oil filter relocation mounted, we still needed to put the oil cooler on. My friend in Japan gave me this a few years back, it’s a Trust oil cooler with the lines. I sent this to Hung and he decided to have it mounted this way. Matt made the bracket.


Intake pipe

One of the things I had were the intake pipe, but it arrived from Japan later than sooner. Matt had already fabricated one up. While I do have the HKS mushroom filter and pipe, its okay since I am not in LA and the car needed it.