I got accepted to Hot Import Nights!!

As someone that came up in the 2000s era, Hot Import Nights was one of my goal shows back then. My old team, Reaction, showed at a few events back in the days. Before HIN started going around the nation, I used to drive to California (I lived in Seattle at the time) and hang out at the events and check it all out.

After my failed Nissfest entrance due to a messed up ball joint, I saw that HIN was gonna be in San Mateo. Now, I’ve only entered a couple car shows up in Norcal, both were RADwood events.

This would be interesting as it is HIN and my M30 has the Diana kit on. So a different feel.


Now, I always feel that my car doesn’t fit in the typical car show mold as most nowadays are stanced out and all. But it’s always about representing in my mind!!!