Sakura Garage – Admittance


So here is the final message on a reply IG post:

  • 1 – “My fault for not asking more money” – I never asked for discount and was willing to pay FOR COMPLETED WORK. That’s professionalism.
  • 2 – “The job kept changing” – The job didn’t change. Everything we talked about, we agreed upon. The only thing that didn’t happen was the paint job, it wasn’t completed and the clear coat wasn’t done right. THE QUALITY NEVER LIVED UP TO THE AGREEMENT.
  • 3 – “I shouldn’t have take the job” – You are the one that offered to do the job (as admitted). Even when I offered a refund clause of $1500 (not including the $2400 for materials), you still said you will do it.
  • 4 – “Or get a better time frame/budget” – You mentioned you’ve been doing this for 14yrs. Being lazy and not getting stuff done on time isn’t my fault. Same with budgeting. I was following your lead.
  • 5a – “I have no problems posting my billable hours and materials” – Waiting last minute to complete a job isn’t good time management. Billable hours should reflect quality work done, not half done, incomplete work. But the work that was done and was billed, I paid. 19 months the car was in your possession, but you didn’t work on the car that long. My car sat for probably most of that 19 months.
  • 5b – “materials” – You charged me $2500 in materials. But it’s not my fault you misused those items. I paid for paint and clear coat (among the basics), but I didn’t pay for drippy clear. That is something that you should be responsible for. Again, QUALITY is the word.
  • 6 – “I’d be curious what you’ll have another shop…” – I shouldn’t have to go through this if YOU DID THE JOB PROPERLY. Nobody wants to pay $xxxx to get a half ass paint job after waiting 19 months and then go out and pay for the same thing intentionally. It has to be done again because it wasn’t done right the 1st time.
  • 7 – “No one ever said you didn’t pay” – Why do you keep posting that you had to cover costs? I paid my part of the project. The delays, the horrible paint/clear work, incomplete car (missing hood, aero, mirrors) and additional stuff for CORRECTING your half effort.. that’s on you.
  • 8 – “No one ever said you asked for a discount”CORRECT. Yet my car was unprofessionally done.
  • 9 – “I offered those” – that was on you then. I paid what I was told, no questions asked. I didn’t say “do this car for free“. Don’t blame me for your mistakes.
  • 10 – ” I never hit you up for transportation costs” – I agreed to pay for the initial pick and drop off, and you still didn’t keep you end of the bargain. But I did pay. I shouldn’t pay your mistakes and incomplete work.
  • 11 – “.. hotel stay…” – Why should I pay for your hotel stay? I didn’t agree to that. Reverse that though. My 1st trip (3 days) and 2nd trip (4 days) weren’t covered by you. I had to go there because my car wasn’t getting worked on.
  • 12 – “…food money…” – Again why should I pay for that? I never agreed to that. I know you like to take your time and have a big lunch and dinner, but that’s not my problem or responsibility.


What this reply shows me is that Sakura Garage didn’t want to take responsibility. First he’s blaming me and then he is coming up with excuses.




I like to dissect these posts to see the fallacies in them.


  • I fixed all the shit that wasn’t my fault” – the only thing that wasn’t your fault was the cracked rear bumper, which was fixed. You asked if I wanted it painted and I said yes, costs covered.
  • Paid for food and hotel” – It was never a plan to stay in AZ the night. The CAR WAS SUPPOSE TO BE DONE. You never communicated the car wasn’t done, but for 2 months, I told you my plan to pick up the car and leave. You offered the hotel since you didn’t have my car ready.
  • “I decided to pull the car” – 17 months to get a worse than Maaco paint job. You wanted to get the car back to finish it, we agreed on the July 22nd (2 months after you got the car)… I told you I need the car back. Plus you had enough time to fix your mistakes. The issue is… YOU WAITED THE LAST MINUTE. I didn’t want to wait another 17 months for you to put effort into my car.
  • $7-9K…. I hope you realize the work and time you got for free” –  1. I followed what you asked to pay and I paid. Was my car complete? NO. 2. I didn’t and don’t expect any work to be free, but doing so without telling me doesn’t make it my fault. I’ve always been willing to cover costs and help out.  Again, bad communication on your part. 3. and most important.. You wasted my time. 17 months + 2 months FOR A HALF ASSED done paint job ISN’T WORTH IT.
  • Praising the next shop for all the body work and repairs already completed” – the good thing is, the low quality work done by you (Sakura Garage) is documented. I’m not talking about the work YOUR DAD DID (which was amazing), the bondo over the rocker panel, the half ass prep and quick shooting due to you rushing after 2 months of slacking isn’t “completed”. Proper repairs and fixes will get praised and will also be done side by side comparison to your work.
  • “You’ll neglect to mention the costs” –  I’m almost sure that I won’t post the costs and I typically DON’T. I only had to do it this time because statement of “I never paid costs for transporting of the car”.
  • If it ever makes it to that point” – Oh it will make it to that point, trust me. Unlike you, your work ethic, your commitment, and the trust people put into you, I don’t fuck that up.






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