Welcoming 2024 and spending the holidays in Vancouver BC

I spent the holidays up north (Washington and Vancouver BC).

It’s always refreshing and getting out of NorCal let’s me reset my mind.

I met with many good friends and did very little car stuff.


I met with Aki-san and he introduced me to 2 of his Japanese friends (they are Honda guys). But it was good to see Aki-san and we had lunch at Lotus Vietnamese Pho spot. Aki-san is part of the local car scene and helps paint many cars.



Later I met with my brothers Benz and Felix. We always meet up whenever I am in town. But it all originally stems from VanKulture. Felix was in Hong Kong/China and got me some premium diecasts! The Hot Wheels I found at Canadian Super Store.


I also met with Renny, which was very cool since it’s been 7-8 yrs since we hung out in Hawaii.



It was a good reset for my mind as I look at completing Project Leopard soon.